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Do I Need a Home Generator in Weatherford, TX?

The power grid can be fragile, especially when disaster strikes. Home generators offer electricity during emergencies, but they can be a big investment. Taking the time to decide if a home generator is right for your household can prevent costly missteps. Generators offer many benefits, including some that are easy to overlook. They will help you stay safe, comfortable, and healthy in an emergency. When you understand every benefit, you will understand why so many people in Weatherford own home generators. 

<h2>Stay Comfortable During Emergencies</h2>

We all have to deal with bad weather, but that is no reason to be uncomfortable. A powerful home generator will keep all of your appliances and devices running until the grid recovers. That will have a big impact on your morale. You will be able to maintain your normal diet, clean your clothes, and keep your home comfortable. Home generators can even run entertainment systems. Entertainment might not be your primary concern during power outages, but you and your family will have more options to stay occupied during lengthy power outages. 

A consistent power supply is even more important if you have pets. Many animals, especially exotic species, are vulnerable to unusually high and low temperatures. Large changes can be harmful to them, but even small fluctuations can make them miserable. Power outages also disrupt your routine, which can make your pets nervous. A home generator will help you keep them calm until things go back to normal.

<h2>Prevent Spoilage</h2>

Our homes are full of perishable products. Food is the most common and expensive example. If the power is out too long, the food in your freezer will thaw and go bad. People who keep a lot of food on hand can suffer massive losses. You might even run out of needed supplies in an emergency. Food security is vital for both your physical and financial health, which is why many people install home generators.

Refrigeration can be even more important if you or a family member has a health issue. Many necessary medications need to stay cool. If you rely on refrigerated medicine, you should invest in a home power generator. It does not need to be powerful enough for your entire home. You just need a model that can keep a small refrigerator running. It is the easiest way to protect your health in an emergency.

<h2>Protect Your Water Supply</h2>

You can only survive for a few days without water. Unfortunately, our water supply can fail when the power goes out. Well pumps usually run on electricity, so they cannot function during a blackout. You can store an emergency supply of water, but that takes a lot of space. It is difficult to store enough to last for more than a few days.

Most households use more water than they realize. Adults can easily drink a gallon of water every day, especially if they are working hard. That adds up quickly, but it is only a fraction of your daily water use. You use more water every time you flush a toilet, wash dishes, or clean your clothes. A simple shower will consume several gallons of water every minute. You cannot store enough water to maintain your normal standard of living for a long time.

You can reduce your water use during a power outage, but this can have repercussions. If you skip showers, you might feel uncomfortable and increase your risk of skin and health issues. Drinking less also isn’t an option: We need water for every bodily process. Instead of completely changing your lifestyle during an already stressful time, you can simply power your well pump with a generator to keep your household safe, healthy, and comfortable.

<h2>Maintain Lines of Communication</h2>

Electricity makes modern communication possible. Your phone and laptop batteries will only last for a few days in an emergency. That is a problem because you will need them to get news and call for help. The good news is that they do not consume much power. Small home generators can easily charge your communication devices. They are vital if you want to stay informed, coordinate with response teams, and help your neighbors.

<h2>Boost Your Property Value</h2>

While most people install home generators to protect their property, they do have other benefits. Weatherford is prone to dangerous weather, so prospective residents prefer homes with generators. They will boost your home’s value. If you plan on selling your home shortly, that boost will offset some of the generator’s price. It will also help you sell your home quickly. Generators may not be as flashy as other home improvement projects, but buyers value practical features.

<h2>Draw Extra Power</h2>

Your home’s electrical system has a limited capacity. If you exceed that capacity, you will trip your circuit breaker and disable your devices. That is fine for normal use, but you may occasionally need extra capacity. For example, you may need to run extra appliances to support guests. Some people also need extra power for tools during renovation projects. You can use a home generator to provide that extra power capacity. It is more efficient than upgrading your home’s power grid.

<h2>Avoid Damage to Your Home</h2>

Power outages can easily damage your home. For example, many houses need a sump pump to stop their basements from flooding. If the power is out, the pump will stop working, and water will accumulate. Power outages are common during storms, which also force more water into your basement. That means that a long power outage can easily lead to significant water damage in your basement. 

Some of the risks are even more subtle. Storms create wet environments that are ideal for mold and pests. Dehumidifiers and air purifiers can stop them from spreading, but only if they have power. Your home generator will keep all of your other protective systems working during disasters. That will minimize the damage to your property and the cost of repairs. It will also make the disaster recovery process less stressful because you will have fewer problems to solve. Most of the stress comes from dealing with many problems at the same time, so it makes a big difference.

<h2>Contact Lightfoot Mechanical Today</h2>

Home generators can keep you safe during disasters and prevent serious damage to your home. They are a great choice for households that value stability and security, but you must choose your generator carefully. We will make sure you get one that meets your needs. We also offer HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services throughout Weatherford, TX. Our team will upgrade your home so it can handle the worst that our climate can throw at it. You can rely on us to put safety first, do the job right, and exceed your expectations. If you are ready to prepare your home for disaster, reach out to Lightfoot Mechanical to get started.

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