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Garbage Disposal Not Working? No Problems!

Are you struggling with a garbage disposal that just won’t work the way you need it to? Does it smell terrible, is it leaking from the bottom or is your garbage disposal just not working? When you need help with your garbage disposal in Weatherford, TX, or the surrounding area, contact us at Lightfoot Mechanical. We’ll get an experienced plumber out to your home soon to find the problem and fix your garbage disposal in no time!

Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

Having trouble with garbage disposal but not sure you should call a plumber? No job is too big or too small for us, but here are some of the most common problems we see:

  • Smelly garbage disposals. If there’s a bad odor coming from your garbage disposal, it means that something is stuck or food stuff isn’t draining properly.
  • Loud garbage disposals. If your garbage disposal is making terrible sounds, this could indicate something is trapped down there, or there’s an issue with the blades or even the motor.
  • Leaky garbage disposals. You may have a bad seal somewhere or another problem with your disposal. We’ll take a look and get it fixed.
  • Stuck garbage disposals. Maybe someone put something too large down your disposal, or maybe it just got stuck. No matter what, we’ll get it working again soon.
  • Broken disposal blades. If your garbage disposal isn’t working well, we’ll check the blades and make sure they’re all still intact. If they’re not, we’ll let you know how we can remedy the problem.
  • Clogged garbage disposals. If your disposal won’t let your sink drain, we’ll come take a look and unclog it quickly.

We’ll tackle any garbage disposal repair that might come up for you. Whether you need help because something is stuck in your garbage disposal, because your garbage disposal won’t turn on, or because it smells bad, we’ll fix it. If it’s backed up or making terrible sounds, we have your back. No matter what you need, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the garbage disposal functionality you need.

Things You Shouldn’t Put Down a Garbage Disposal

Many of our garbage disposal repair visits could be avoided if people didn’t put the wrong items down their garbage disposals. While these machines often seem invincible, the truth is that there are definitely items they don’t handle very well.

If you want to keep your garbage disposal working for you for as long as possible, there are certain items you should avoid putting down it. These can clog it, get tangled in the blades, or block their rotation so it can’t chop up refuse effectively. If you can avoid putting these items down your garbage disposal, you stand a good chance of avoiding garbage disposal repair or replacement:

  • Grease and other fats. These can cool in your drain and eventually clog it.
  • Egg shells. These have a filmy membrane that can wrap around the moving parts in your disposal and cause problems.
  • Animal bones. These are too hard for your disposal to break up and can cause it to lock or break.
  • Coffee grounds. These can settle to the bottom in your plumbing, eventually causing a clog.
  • Pits and seeds. These are often too small and hard to break up well, so they can get stuck in your disposal.

Help From Garbage Disposal Pros!

If you do have problems with your garbage disposal, contact us at Lightfoot Mechanical right away. We’ll repair your garbage disposal or replace it with a new one. Either way, we’ll have it shredding away for you in no time!

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