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The Federal Energy Savings Tax Credit and You

The Federal Energy Savings Tax Credit and You Did you know that you could owe less in taxes this year if you make energy-saving upgrades to your home? It’s true! At Lightfoot Mechanical, we can help you take advantage of the Federal Energy Savings Tax

Plumbing Maintenance Not a Bad Idea

Plumbing Maintenance Not a Bad Idea When homeowners face some of the smaller plumbing problems, if they’re handy around the house, they will often be able to sort out the problem on their own. When it comes to bigger plumbing problems, it’s usually best
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Electrical Safety Audit On Your Home

So, you are living in your house for quite some time now and you have never run into a trouble, even though it’s over ten years of age – and you have definitely never heard of anyone you know having an electric fire or becoming electrocuted. Other than
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How To Protect Your Electronics From a Surge

Within this modern world, we’ve become very reliant upon our electronic gadgets. We use personal computers to work, communicate with buddies, loved ones or company associates. DVD PlayersHDTVs (e.g., LCD and Plasma)Video Recording Equipment (for those among
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How to Use a Plumbing Snake to Unclog Drains

Almost everybody knows how annoying a clogged drain or a stopped up toilet can be. Clogged drains and clogged toilets are one of the most common occurrences in a home. Fortunately , a plumber’s snake can be a great gizmo to have in the event of a plugged
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Full Service Plumbing Repair

Don’t Forget About Plumbing Maintenance! Regular service and maintenance of your plumbing equipment and fixtures can save you hundreds of dollars in unexpected repairs and utility costs. Meet Daniel Deleon. Daniel Is a Master Plumber With Deep
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