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Duct sealing is an important process that involves sealing any leaks or gaps in the air duct system of a home. Over time, air ducts can develop cracks, holes, or loose connections. This often leads to significant energy loss and decreased efficiency of the HVAC system, which means higher energy bills, uneven heating or cooling, and reduced indoor air quality.

If you’re a homeowner in Aledo, TX, your air duct system may require professional duct sealing services to address these issues and restore optimal performance to your HVAC system. Sealing the air ducts can prevent conditioned air from escaping into unconditioned spaces, ensuring that the heated or cooled air reaches its intended destination efficiently. This improves energy efficiency and enhances indoor comfort and air quality.

With expert duct sealing services by Lightfoot Mechanical, you can enjoy lower energy costs, improved HVAC performance, and a healthier living environment.

Professional Air Duct Sealing in Aledo

When HVAC professionals seal a home’s duct system, they typically follow these steps: The technician thoroughly inspects the current ductwork system for any visible signs of leaks, such as loose connections, cracks, or gaps. The tech may also use specialized tools like smoke pencils or thermal imaging cameras to detect hidden leaks.

Once the leaks are identified, cleaning the ducts is next. This involves removing dust, debris, or contaminants that may hinder sealing, as clean ducts provide a better surface for the sealant to adhere to. This ensures a more durable and effective seal.

After cleaning, the HVAC tech will proceed to seal the ducts. Commonly used sealant products include mastic, a thick adhesive, and metal-backed tape. The sealants are applied to the leaks, gaps, or joints, effectively sealing them to prevent air leakage.

In some cases, the technician may also recommend duct insulation to further improve energy efficiency. Insulating the ducts helps to minimize heat transfer, ensuring that the conditioned air remains at the desired temperature as it flows through the system.

Once the sealing and insulation process is complete, the technician will conduct a final inspection to ensure that all leaks have been properly sealed. This may involve a pressure test to verify sealing integrity.

Homeowners can reap several benefits from professional duct sealing, including:
  • Improved HVAC performance
  • Lower energy costs
  • Promotes a healthier living space
  • Enhances indoor comfort

Expert Air Duct Sealing Saves Energy

At Lightfoot Mechanical, we have the expertise and commitment to excellence to effectively seal your home’s duct system, reducing energy loss and improving HVAC efficiency. Our team of professionals conducts thorough inspections, uses high-quality products and tools to ensure quality air duct sealing. With our extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us at Lightfoot Mechanical to deliver exceptional service and results. We are here to provide you with the highest level of service and ensure that your duct system is flawlessly sealed.

Don’t let energy escape through leaky ducts—contact Lightfoot Mechanical today for reliable and efficient duct sealing services in Aledo.

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