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When you have a gas leak somewhere in the home, you need to reach out for professional gas line services in Granbury, TX, immediately. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous if not addressed quickly. In addition to affecting the operability of your home’s appliances, gas leaks are tasteless and colorless.

Prolonged gas inhalation can lead to physical symptoms including nausea, headaches and trouble breathing. Thanks to an additive called mercaptan, natural gas leaks can be detected by the smell of rotten eggs. Learn about the different types of gas line repair services near you.

Granbury Gas Line Repair Specialists

There are many reasons you may need a gas line repair or replacement. Depending on the age of your home, your gas lines may have corroded over time leading to gas leaks and the inability to use essential appliances. The natural gas designed to travel through a piping network and to household items, such as your stove and HVAC system, can be easily redirected by a small leak or crack.

Slowly leaking gas both disrupts your home life and increases your energy costs. Fortunately, our team at Lightfoot Mechanical is specially trained to fix gas line issues or complete gas line replacements. We feel you should be informed about what can cause gas leaks so you can take steps to prevent gas leaks.

Common causes of gas line repairs include:
  • Corroded gas line pipes
  • Worn or degraded fittings or seals
  • Physical damage to gas line piping
  • Shifted gas line pipes leading to small cracks or fractures

In addition to smelling a foul odor, other ways to determine if you have a gas leak include the presence of hissing sounds, appliance failure or an unexplained feeling of nausea. When a gas leak is present, any spark or flame can cause an explosion. That’s why it is essential to reach out to gas line repair professionals as soon as you suspect a leak.

Professional Gas Line Repairs Near You

When you’re experiencing a gas leak or broken gas pipe, you need to be confident you choose a company capable of quickly and safely repairing the problem. At Lightfoot Mechanical, we specialize in the inspection, repair and replacement of gas lines in your home. We start by detecting the location of the gas leak and determining the cause.

Then, we create a repair or replacement plan designed to meet your needs. We even offer our Total Care Club membership to ensure you have the proper annual maintenance and support designed to reduce the need for future repairs.

Do you suspect a gas leak or broken gas line in your home? Don’t wait to get help. Contact our team at Lightfoot Mechanical today to schedule your service!

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