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Septic Tank Cleaning Weatherford, TX

Did you know that regular septic tank cleaning in Weatherford, TX can help your whole septic system last longer? It’s true! When you have our septic service experts at Lightfoot regularly to clean out your tank, you’re making an investment in that system. Call us for professional septic tank cleaning near you today!

Our septic tank cleaning technicians will work fast to make sure your tank is in great shape. When your septic cleaning in Weatherford is complete, you’ll be able to sit back and relax, knowing your waste disposal system is working well. Schedule your appointment for septic tank cleaning in Weatherfor, TX or the surrounding area now!

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What Is Septic Tank Cleaning?

Septic tank cleaning is different from septic tank pumping. When we come clean out your tank in Weatherford, TX or the surrounding area, we’ll not only pump out liquid and any floating sludge from your tank; we’ll remove all the water and any sludge that has compacted in the bottom of your tank.

This may not seem like a big difference but it can majorly change the way your tank works…for the better!

When sludge builds up in the bottom of your septic tank, it can gradually reduce the tank’s capacity. Over time, this means that you don’t have as much space in your tank. If the sludge builds up enough, even the most thorough septic system cleaning may not get rid of it. Instead, you might have to install a whole new tank.

Avoid this by specifically requesting septic tank cleaning or septic system cleaning in Weatherford whenever you call to get your tank emptied.

Our Septic Tank Cleaning Service

Our septic tank cleaning service in Weatherford, TX will get everything out of your septic tank. If the tank hasn’t been pumped regularly or sludge has built up in the bottom for some unknown reason, we may need to come clean your tank every 6-12 months for a while, instead of every 3-5 years.

Our Weatherford septic cleaning experts will assess your tank and let you know what you need. If it just needs to be pumped, we’ll tell you that. If you need major septic repairs, we’ll let you know that, too. No matter what is going on, we’ll take a look before we start our work.

If septic tank cleaning in Weatherford is, in fact, what you need, we’ll get started right away. We’ll make sure we remove all of the fluids in your tank as well as the sludge at the bottom. When we’re done, your septic tank should be working like it did when it was brand new.

Weatherford Septic Cleaning Experts

If it’s time for septic tank cleaning in Weatherford, TX, or you’re not sure when the last time your septic tank was cleaned, give us a call at Lightfoot Mechanical! We have experts standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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