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Septic Tank Repair Weatherford, TX

If your septic system isn’t working the way it used to the way you need it to, don’t delay! Reach out to the septic service pros at Lightfoot and ask about septic repair in Weatherford, TX or the surrounding area. Call us now!

Whether you need septic tank repair or septic system repair, we have experts on staff who can assess your system, let you know what isn’t working, and help you get everything back to normal fast. Schedule an appointment for septic tank repair near you today!

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Do I Need Septic Repair?

Many people call us wondering if they need Weatherford septic tank repair or if their problems are just issues that sometimes pop up with a septic system. Our rule of thumb is that, if you decide to call and ask, it’s probably time to have someone come check your system, just in case.

You can also look for the following signs. If you notice any of these going on, call us about septic system repair ASAP:

  • Backups in your home. This can be either water or sewage and, either way, you need to call us ASAP so the backup doesn’t continue.
  • Trees or shrubs growing near your septic system. Eventually, these root systems are going to infiltrate your tank and cause problems. Get the professionally removed, then have a professional assess the system for damages.
  • Pooling water in your yard. When it rains a lot, your drainfield can get saturated, which makes it harder for the septic system to work. If these puddles don’t clear in a day or so, call us for help.
  • Extra green grass over your tank. This may look good but it means there is likely a leak somewhere in your system, allowing waste to make it to where it can feed the grass.
  • Bad smells. If you smell sewer odors, it’s time to have the system evaluated.
  • Slow drains. This can mean that a backup is imminent, especially if drains are slow all over your house. Call for help ASAP.
Our Septic Tank Repair Service

When you need septic tank repair in Weatherford, TX, or you’re not sure if your system is running well, contact us at Lightfoot right away. We’d rather come out and tell you that all is well than have you miss a significant problem and see your home suffer for it later.

Our technicians will always evaluate your home and give you an honest opinion about what septic system repair you need. Once you agree to the repair, we’ll get to work and keep working until everything is working again, just the way you need it to.

Septic Repair Experts in Weatherford, TX

If you’ve been having issues with our septic system, don’t hesitate to call us for septic repair in Weatherford, TX or beyond. We’ll answer any questions you have and send out an expert as soon as possible! Call us for septic repair today!

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