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Septic Tank Services in Azle, TX

If you have a septic system that serves your property in Azle, then you probably know how hard it can be to find someone to service it and do the job well. Since septic tanks aren’t as popular anymore, there aren’t as many companies who work on them.


However, we keep specialists on staff at Lightfoot Mechanical to do repairs, maintenance, and cleanings. We’ll make sure that all of your Azle septic tank needs get taken care of professionally and efficiently. Just give us a call and let us know what you need!

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Septic Pumping

Regular septic pumping in Azle is key to keeping your system running for a long time. It should be performed every 5 years at most. We can come to your place and do septic tank pumping on a routine schedule so that you can have peace of mind that your system is going to work well.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Call us whenever you need septic tank cleaning in Azle as well. This is a more in-depth descaling of the tank and can help to keep your system running the way it was designed to. Our team can assist you in determining when your tank needs to be cleaned next.

Septic System Repairs

If your septic tank isn’t working, give us a call. We’ll do any septic repairs in Azle that you need so you can make sure your system is performing optimally and that it isn’t experiencing any extra wear and tear. Call us today and we’ll be there soon to get your system back to normal again. Our experts in Azle know how to fix any kind of problem or issue that might be affecting your plumbing.

Septic Maintenance

Regular septic tank pumping will keep your system from experiencing undue stress, which can weaken it or cause breakdowns. We’ll get the maintenance completed fast so you can check it off your list and stop worrying about your tank. This is an easy process that will ensure that waste is not clogging up the system and creating problems at your property.

Septic Inspections

Your septic tank will not last forever. If you are considering having it replaced, or want to have a professional examine one at a property you are considering buying, reach out to us. Our professionals can conduct a septic inspection in Azle and let you know what condition it is in.

Azle Septic Tank Pros

Call Lightfoot Mechanical today with any needs related to your septic system in Azle, TX. We’ll send someone to you right away so you won’t have to fret for long. Before you know it, your system will work again just as you expect it to. Call us now to speak further with our staff of plumbers!

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