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If you’re looking for a professional to handle your AC installation in Granbury, TX, trust the expertise of Lightfoot Mechanical Services. The weather in Granbury can get incredibly hot, especially in the summertime. With decades of experience in the industry, we’re here to handle all of your home cooling needs. Whether you require an AC replacement for an older unit or are looking to upgrade to a more energy-efficient ductless mini-split system, our team can provide expert advice and the precise installation of your new unit so you and your family beat the heat.

Your Number-One Choice for AC Installation in Granbury

While there’s nothing better than enjoying an afternoon in the summer sunshine, being able to escape the heat in the comfort of an air-conditioned home is a comfort that residents of Granbury know all too well. Air conditioning has become an essential part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine life without it. So when you experience an issue with your air conditioner or your unit isn’t delivering the cool air you need, you want a solution fast.

As your AC system gets older, you may notice it isn’t working quite like it used to. That’s because the average lifespan of air conditioning systems is around 10-15 years. If you’ve had your system for this length of time, you may notice that you’re frequently calling to have components repaired or replaced. In many cases, upgrading to a new system is the simplest and most cost-effective way to keep your home cool.

Beyond keeping you comfortable, an AC replacement can provide a number of benefits. Newer systems are equipped with the latest technologies, which often means they deliver superior cooling, more precise temperature control, and more energy-efficient operation. This can help to reduce your home’s energy consumption, which can lead to lower monthly utility bills. Installing a new AC system can also improve the overall air quality of your home, keeping you and your family safe and breathing clean, healthy air.

Keep an eye out for the following signs as they mean it’s likely time for an AC replacement:
  • Inconsistent temperatures between rooms
  • Ineffective cooling
  • Frequent need for repair services
  • Monthly energy bills are high
  • Inacurate thermostat readings
  • Excess moisture or humidity
  • Current unit is more than 10 years old

When you’re ready for a new AC unit, our team is here to help every step of the way. With your needs and space in mind, we’ll help you select the perfect cooling system and install it with care and precision. Our air conditioning installation experts will ensure everything is running smoothly before we leave and offer some trusted tips for keeping your system operating at its best for years to come.

Trust Our Team to Handle All Your AC Replacement and Installation Needs

At Lightfoot Mechanical Services, we’re more than just a service provider; we’re proud to be your trusted hvac company in Granbury for providing air conditioning installation services that keep your home cool and comfortable year-round.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our quality workmanship and knowledgeable technicians. From AC replacements to new system installations, everything we do is done with your comfort, safety, and satisfaction in mind. And if you’re not satisfied with our service, our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee promises that we’ll make things right at no further cost to you.

Let us help make your home the cool haven you and your family deserve. Contact us today to schedule an AC installation service with one of our skilled technicians.

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    Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty covers our installed equipment and ductwork for as long as you live in the home.
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    Know exactly what you’ll pay before the works starts.
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