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Wiring & Rewiring Services Weatherford, TX

Wiring or rewiring a building is a big job, but there’s no electrical job too big for us at Lightfoot Mechanical. Our electricians have designed and installed wiring for many different customers in many different situations, and they can do it for you, too. Call us for wiring or rewiring in Weatherford, TX or the surrounding area!


Wiring and rewiring in Weatherford doesn’t have to be a huge hassle when you work with our team of trusted electricians. Our work is always up to code and our electricians take pride in solving all sorts of problems, from the simple to the highly complex. Let us handle the stress and strain of rewiring; schedule an appointment today!

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Wiring Services

Whether you are building a new addition to your home or business, installing outdoor lights or a spa, or have another project in mind, our electricians will get everything working and up to code. When you call us, we’ll send out a crew to assess your needs and write up a proposal so you know how much it will cost and how long we expect it to take. We work swiftly and skillfully, so your wiring in Weatherford will be finished sooner than you might expect. Our team of electricians in Weatherford will do everything safely and make sure the work will pass inspection when we’re done.

Rewiring Services

If you have an older home, you may need to consider house rewiring at some point. The thought can be daunting, but we have expert Weatherford electricians to make the process as smooth and painless as possible. The following are signs that you need to have your Weatherford wiring inspected by a professional:

  • Loose outlets
  • A burning smell, especially when you flip a switch or leave the lights on for a long time
  • Arcs and or sparks of electricity from an outlet when you plug or unplug something
  • Hot or burnt-looking cords, plugs, or switch plates
  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Recurrent blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers
  • Buzzing or sizzling sounds, especially when you turn things on or off
  • Small electrical shocks when you plug or unplug something
House Rewiring

Some of these can be scary things to notice in your home or business, but give us a call rather than worrying about it. We’ll send out an expert Weatherford electrician who will evaluate your current wiring and let you know what needs to be done to fix it. Once you hire us, we’ll work as fast as we can to get everything back to normal for you.

Wiring Professionals Serving Weatherford

Let the expert electricians at Lightfoot Mechanical handle all your problems in Weatherford regarding wiring or rewiring. We know that having your electricity worked on is stressful, and we’ll do as much as we can to alleviate that. Our staff is comprised of some of the best electricians in the area, so give us a call!

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