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New heat pump in Weatherford, TX

Heat Pump Services in Weatherford, TX

Properties that have a heat pump as the source of warmth for their rooms are in a unique position. These types of HVAC systems are newer, efficient, high-tech, and savvy. If your place has one, make sure you hire a heating service technician who is familiar with how they operate, like those on staff here at Lightfoot Mechanical. We can perform heat pump installation, repairs, and more at both residences and commercial spaces in and around Weatherford. Reach out to us today for heat pump help!

Why Call Us for Heat Pump Help

Lucky for residents and business owners in Weatherford, we work around the clock to maintain our customers’ maximum comfort. Midnight or noon, sunset or sunrise – the Lightfoot Mechanical team can show up at any time to get everything back in order with your property’s heat pump.

When we set up a heat pump or do a heat pump replacement for you in Weatherford, we also provide you with extensive assurance of our quality work. Lightfoot Mechanical offers lifelong warranties and a satisfaction guarantee!

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Experts for Heat Pump Repairs

Our staff is comprised of HVAC professionals that have the award, experience, and accreditations to back it up. When you call us for heat pump repairs, you can expect a NATE-certified technician to respond and take care of everything for you in Weatherford. Whatever is causing your property’s heat pump to fail, we are sure to figure it out and fix it fast. We can even do heat pump repairs in the middle of the night, over the weekend, or on a holiday if you need, through our emergency services.

Your heat pump may need to be looked at by an expert if you have rising HVAC costs for apparently no reason. The appliance randomly turning on and off, also known as short cycling, emitted weird noises, or getting stuck in either the heating or cooling setting are other indicators of trouble.

Heat Pump Installations

If you are wanting to have a heat pump installed for the first time after becoming interesting in its benefits, we are happy to guide you through how the unconventional type of HVAC unit works. The fact that it stores air and saves it for when that temperature is needed is a savvy way to save energy and save on heating and cooling costs.

Heat Pump Replacements

Those in Weatherford who already have them at their properties can count on us when the appliance gets old or damaged. We do heat pump replacements that are quick and easy and will get your place set up with a brand new system when the time comes for one. The results are clear on the difference between running your property off an old or new heat pump; it has been shown that updating can cut energy bills by around 20%.

Weather Heat Pump Specialists

From heat pump installations to repairing and replacing them, our team is able to attend to any needs of yours in Weatherford, TX. Get in touch with Lightfoot Mechanical to schedule heat pump service today!

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