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Things You Can Control With Home Automation

Home automation is a system through which you can monitor and control various aspects of your home. The term smart home is often used. It refers to smart devices, which are appliances that can connect to the internet and communicate with each other. Most systems interconnect these devices through a smart home hub, which is sometimes called a gateway. User interfaces are available through these hubs and smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. The smart devices are where the true magic of home automation lies. With that in mind, let’s explore nine items that you can control with them.


With a smart thermostat, you can control all aspects of your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. A common feature is to increase or decrease temperature depending on the season when you are sleeping or away from home. This feature alone can save the average American household 8% on heating and cooling costs, according to the EPA.

But a smart thermostat does much more than just adjust temperatures. It can provide energy reports and push alerts. Some thermostats can even adjust cycle times for better energy efficiency. They can also control other aspects of HVAC beyond heating and cooling. A thermostat with humidity control can adjust relative humidity via a whole-home dehumidifier, humidifier or both. It can also control mechanical ventilation systems, such as an energy recovery ventilator.

2. Home Security

Home automation has made modern home security systems much more sophisticated. Doorbells and other cameras can activate as needed based on motion. They can then upload recorded footage to the cloud automatically and provide tools to access and search that material. Your security system can coordinate with smart locks to lock your home automatically or with smart lighting to illuminate your property. These systems can also push notifications to you, such as when a loud noise or opened window is detected. You still have the option of a 24/7 monitoring service that can contact law enforcement and other first responders on your behalf.

3. Lighting

It’s possible with a modern smart home to have all your exterior and interior lighting linked within a single network. Smart home hubs give you control via voice commands. You can turn on and off entire groups of lights with just a single command. Turn off the lights in the kitchen! You can also set lights to turn off automatically, such as after your bedtime or when everyone has left for work and school. Timers are a powerful option as well. Set lights that are often left on to waste energy to turn off automatically after a certain period, such as 30 minutes. You can also control LEDs to switch from illumination to accent and atmospheric lighting and reposition track lights.

4. Smart Plugs, Outlets and Switches

Smart outlets and switches give you greater control of these items that you use routinely on a daily basis. They can automatically shut on and off and provide you with information. A smart outlet can turn any device smart. Connect a non-smart toaster to a smart outlet. You now have the option to turn it off with your voice. Smart plugs are a relatively inexpensive upgrade that lets you turn any outlet smart. Another intriguing aspect of smart outlets and plugs is that they prevent vampire draws. Do you know that most TVs and microwaves are still drawing watts even after you have turned them off? A smart plug stops that drain.

5. Water Leak Detection Systems

A water leak detection system works by observing water flow. It can measure it based on movement or sound. The system is then able to identify a leak based on changes to those readings. Non-smart leak detection systems will typically activate an audible alarm at this point. A smart system can activate the alarm in your bedroom or send a text message to your phone. This is particularly notable when you are away on vacation or business. A leak when you’re not home can cause devastating damage. But you now have the option to call an emergency plumber. Better yet, you can opt for smart shutoff valves that your home automation system can activate to turn off the flow of water.

6. Smart Locks

Smart locks allow your system to lock doors and windows automatically as needed. You can also monitor and control them remotely from your phone. If a family member has unexpectedly arrived at your home, you can open the door from them. You can also provide your family and friends access themselves without the need for a key. Some smart locks have a keypad that lets you set a unique code for each person. Others allow you or guests to access them through a smartphone app or even biometrics.

7. Smart Shades

Smart shades are convenient because you can open, close, or adjust them without getting up. But there’s actually a lot more to some of the top smart shades on the market. Many of these products can measure sunlight and provide that information to your HVAC system. Your system can even automatically open the shades to benefit from the natural light and lower the heating output.

8. Geofencing

Geofencing is a powerful tool that lets your system react based on who is or isn’t in the home. A common home automation example is turning off the lights and lowering the temperature at a set time of morning. But what if you work from home on certain days? If you are using geofencing apps on your phones, the system knows when someone is home and keeps the appropriate settings. When it determines that everyone has left, it can then put the home into an energy-saving mode. It can even tell when someone is within 15 minutes of returning and starts preparing the home for their arrival.

9. Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators not only connect to the internet but have a range of sensors within them. Some sensors allow them to adjust temperature and humidity. Others allow for monitoring water quality. But the newest smart refrigerators can even monitor your food and drink inventory. You can use this feature to have the refrigerator build you a shopping list. You can also have it set up grocery orders based on a wide range of parameters. It will send you an alert when it is ready. Once you OK the alert, it will place the order. The store can then deliver the groceries to your home, or you can pick them up.

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