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Top Reasons To Install a Whole House Generator

Are you considering getting a whole-house generator? Many homeowners rely on their generators when there are major storms and the power goes out.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider installing a generator in your home soon. Here’s what our customers love about having a whole home generator.

Keep Continuous Power No Matter What

If something happens and your power goes out, you may not even notice. We’ll set your whole-house generator to turn on as soon as possible after a power outage, so you’ll have the power you need, no matter what.

You won’t have to flip a switch or anything! Your generator will continually monitor the power situation in your home and automatically turn on when there’s a problem. It will power your home even if you aren’t there when the outage occurs.

Feel Safe and Secure in Your House

When you know that you will have power no matter what happens, you’ll feel safer at home. You’ll feel like your family is more secure, too, since you won’t have to worry about what might happen to them during a power outage.

Having a whole-home generator can keep your home running well, too. It will keep the heat on during winter storms, so your pipes don’t freeze, and it will make sure your HVAC systems don’t suffer from a power surge.

Stay Comfortable Always

Comfort may not seem paramount but the truth is that everyone needs to be able to relax at home. If your power goes out, your house can get too hot or too cold quickly. Sometimes, this can even escalate to a dangerous situation before the power turns back on. Avoid these problems when you install a whole-home generator today.

Keep Your Refrigerator Running

No one wants to have all of the food in their refrigerator or freezer go bad, but that’s what can happen if there’s a power outage. Your whole-house generator will keep your fridge and freezer running so there will always be something to eat when you get home and you won’t have to clean up that mess anytime soon.

Protect Your Home When Power Returns

Sometimes, power comes on irregularly after an outage. This can create a power surge, which can cause damage to appliances, HVAC systems, electronics, and anything else connected to your electrical system. Having a whole-home generator will help ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Your generator will keep running, powering your home until the electrical grid stabilizes.

Help From Whole-House Generator Pros

If you’re convinced, reach out to us at Lightfoot today! We’ll send a team of expert electricians to help you get the best whole house generator for your needs, then to install it and make sure it’s working well. Get reliable power all the time when you choose whole house generator installation from Lightfoot.

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