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What Is Ductless AC?

Are you considering installing ductless air conditioning in your home? Have you heard about ductless air conditioning but you have no idea if it would be a good option for cooling your home?

At Lightfoot Mechanical, we install and work on ductless mini-split systems all the time. Here’s what you need to know so you can choose the best cooling options for your house.

How Does a Ductless AC Unit Work?

If you choose ductless AC, our team will install several indoor air conditioning units throughout your house. These are designed to cool a single room or a few rooms. You can turn on one unit, several units, or all of the units, depending on your specific needs.

All of these units will be attached to a single compressor that sits outside your home. This functions similarly to conventional AC units. Inside it, there will be a series of evaporator coils which are cooled by refrigerant.

This unit is designed to suck air in, run it over and through the cooled coils, then blow that cooled air into your house through the indoor units. They can be cheaper and more energy-efficient than other cooling methods.

Is a Ductless AC System Right for Your Home?

Ductless AC is right for you under certain circumstances. If any of these describe your situation, think about installing a ductless system today.

  • You don’t have AC and you want to install it. Most of the time, installing a ductless system is easier and costs less than running the extensive ductwork necessary for a conventional cooling system.
  • You only want to cool one or two rooms. If you spend most of your time in a couple of rooms and you don’t want to pay to cool your whole house, ductless AC could be the solution you need.
  • You want to keep different rooms at different temperatures. Some people like it warmer than others do. If you like things at one temperature and your partner, roommate, or kids like it at another, ductless AC can make everyone happy.
  • You want to save money on cooling costs. If you’re losing a lot of cold air through cracks and holes in your ductwork, you may choose to install a ductless AC system to remedy this problem.

Ductless Mini-Split Experts

If you have questions about ductless AC or you think that one of these systems might be right for you, reach out to us at Lightfoot Mechanical today. We’ll help you get the cooling capacity you need so you can stay comfortable at home.

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