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Quality HVAC provides enjoyment over the years as you experience reliable, efficient comfort from your furnace installation in Granbury, TX.

Today’s heating systems employ advanced technology, including new modulating furnaces, with exceptional performance. Selected with the help of experienced HVAC specialists and installed by well-trained technicians, you’ll get the most out of your furnace replacement.

Adding humidity control, air purification, and smart thermostats, you’ll enjoy winter warmth like never before. Backed by reliable, detail-oriented service, you can relax and enjoy the efficiency that makes heating your home more affordable.

Expert Furnace Installation in Granbury

The gentle flow of efficiently generated heat feels different as it provides comfort in each room of your Granbury home. Today’s furnace installations bring you 80 percent or more in energy efficiency, as much as the high 90s for more advanced technology systems.

HVAC experts can help you select the right one for your home, calculating BTU requirements and carefully planning the installation. They’ll provide the information you need, including AFUE ratings for comparison, so you know exactly what you’re getting as your furnace replacement. Older systems offer 60 percent efficiency or less, so you’ll be seeing a difference in your energy bill as well.

Selecting the right system for your family’s comfort over the years to come is critical, whether you’re planning ahead or responding to a sudden furnace failure. Our experts can help you maximize the performance of your heater by identifying energy conservation strategies such as ductwork cleaning, repair, and insulation.

Technicians will remove your existing heating system, install the furnace replacement, and carefully connect it to your home’s ductwork. We will ensure everything works beautifully together, maximizing performance and comfort throughout your home.

Your new furnace will also offer reliability and safety, answering any concerns you had about your previous furnace as it reached the end of its service life. They’ll also connect air quality features, if you like, to balance your home’s humidity throughout the year, purify the air, and any other improvements you need.

When is furnace replacement advantageous?
  • Addressing frequent repairs
  • Preventing carbon monoxide alerts
  • Replacing outdated equipment
  • When heating bills rise

Experienced Furnace Replacement

Is it time for a new furnace? Providing reliable, responsive heating and cooling services in Granbury and the surrounding area, at Lightfoot Mechanical, we offer installation of top brands by experienced professionals.

We work with you, designing the system that’s right for your home and budget, and providing access to financing on approved credit if you prefer.

Our team can provide scheduled installation at your convenience, or help you make informed choices for fast furnace updates when needed. Once we’ve provided our services to your satisfaction and carefully cleaned up, you’ll enjoy the results for years to come.

Is it time for a furnace installation in your Granbury home? Call the HVAC experts at Lightfoot Mechanical today!

Peace of Mind with Every Service

    Consultative Approach
    We’ll lay out your options so you can pick what works best for your home and budget.
    Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
    Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty covers our installed equipment and ductwork for as long as you live in the home.
    Upfront Pricing
    Know exactly what you’ll pay before the works starts.
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