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Efficient, reliable warmth from your new furnace installation in Plano, TX, will make winter a more pleasant season. You’ll stop worrying about the safety and reliability of your heater and just enjoy colder days indoors in comfort.

With a modern furnace replacement, and perhaps some air quality enhancements, you’ll notice a few other changes. In particular, newer heating equipment is more efficient, so your energy usage is likely to go down.

Managed humidity and air purifiers can be added to your ductwork to provide warm air that’s even more comfortable and breathable.

Experienced Furnace Installation in Plano

Today’s furnace installation models provide more than 80 percent efficiency, as part of a national effort to minimize energy use and maximize clean emissions. Your old furnace is probably around 60 percent efficient, or even less.

If you select air quality options like humidity management and air purification, you’ll feel better and be able to turn the thermostat down, saving even more. In addition to furnace installation, consider updates to your home’s HVAC system including smart thermostats.

Zoned ductwork, with a thermostat controlling each zone, help you concentrate your heat in areas where you currently need it. Warmth in the living room at night, for example, can be reduced while you’re sleeping.

Experienced HVAC professionals can help you design the system that’s right for you. They’ll calculate your home’s BTU needs, and make sure the system you select is ordered with the right capacity.

They’ll also explain AFUE ratings for comparison, and tell you about the exceptionally high efficiency of modulating furnaces, providing up to 90 percent and more. You’ll want to balance your initial investment with long-term energy savings, which experts can help you calculate.

As part of the furnace replacement process, technicians ensure that your remaining HVAC equipment is in good shape. As they install a new, highly efficient system, it would be a shame if your ductwork needed repair, cleaning, or sealing. Airflow from your vents helps keep your rooms evenly warm as your furnace provides reliable, enjoyable heat.

When is furnace replacement advantageous?
  • Preventing carbon monoxide alerts
  • Addressing frequent repairs
  • Replacing outdated equipment
  • When heating bills rise

Trusted Furnace Replacement

Are you thinking about a new furnace, or do you need one urgently? At Lightfoot Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we’re ready to make sure you have the right furnace replacement in Plano at any time. Our technicians install top brands, carefully tending to the details to ensure that you get the best results from your new, efficient furnace.

We carefully orchestrate the installation process to minimize the impact on your family’s time, testing and cleaning up once the furnace is operational. If you’ve selected air quality features, we’ll include those as well, for even greater energy-efficient comfort throughout the winter.

Is it time for a furnace installation in your Plano home? Get the detail-oriented team at Lightfoot Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical to do it, call us today!

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