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What Can and Can’t Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

What Can and Can’t Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a modern convenience many of us have in our homes. With a garbage disposal, there are foods you can flush down the drain to get rid of rather than tossing in the trash. However, not everything is safe for the disposal. Keeping your
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How to Shut Off Your Home’s Water Supply in an Emergency

Access to fresh, clean hot and cold running water in our homes is an essential component of daily life, providing comfort and security. When something unforeseen happens, like leaks, a burst pipe, or a natural disaster, however, this valuable resource can
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Dealing With Plumbing Leaks

Every home has a potential threat that can cause significant damage and stress — a plumbing leak. Trickling water not only damages a home’s structure but also affects its comfort and cleanliness. We aim to better prepare homeowners with this guide,
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How to Tell if You Have a Gas Leak

Updated: April 2024 Due to its affordability and convenience, gas is a popular way of powering home appliances like furnaces and water heaters. However, this helpful fuel isn’t entirely perfect. If you develop a leak in a gas line, you can end up with
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Benefits of a Home Water Softener System

Hard water, with its high mineral content, is a common issue in many households across the world. While it may not pose a health risk, it can certainly impact the quality of your daily life. From causing scale buildup in appliances to leaving your skin
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Top 5 Commercial Plumbing Issues and How to Prevent Them

Many commercial property owners don’t think about their building’s plumbing system until there is a problem. Even minor plumbing problems can lead to major issues that cost you money. Over time, a single dripping faucet in a public restroom may
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